MOTHERS OUT FRONT & Environmental Justice



Mothers Out Front

In 2016, El Puente entered into a partnership with Mothers Out Front whose goal is to empower mothers to lead our society's transition away from fossil fuels to clean energy. As a leader of many environmental justice campaigns since our founding and a co-founder of the New York City Environmental Justice Alliance, this partnership builds on El Puente's long legacy of environmental justice work.
El Puente and Mothers Out Front have passionately worked to build a base of volunteers who are mothers and caretakers. We believe that the best way to advance the sustainability of our communities is by educating our residents (especially mothers and their families) on the fundamentals: recycling, energy efficiency, renewable energy, composting and urban gardening, and greening our open spaces, all within the framework of environmental justice.
Commissioned by the current Deputy Borough President Diana Reyna, BQ Green is a project that will build a platform over the Brooklyn Queens Expressway (BQE) to create a 3-acre park. This project was developed in response to the lack of open spaces and the poor air quality that has led to high rates of asthma in the Southside of Williamsburg. Our volunteers are advocating for funding from the city, state, and federal government.
Want to join the BQ Green Campaign?
Step 1: Learn about how the BQE affects the air quality, especially in our parks, and harms our health. Visit or call El Puente!
Step 2: Help collect data to measure levels of air pollution in our parks.
Step 3: Inform and educate the community about BQ Green and the current state of air quality in Southside.
Step 4: Join El Puente in advocating for more and better quality open spaces in Southside.
Step 5: Make the Southside a greener, more thriving community.
For more information please contact
Virginia Ribot at:
[email protected], (718) 387 0404 x 31