Global Justice Institute Overview

El Puente New Staff Orientation

The Global Justice Institute (GJI) is a comprehensive training, development, and certification program that engages El Puente staff and Fellows from our local, national, and international networks. The Global Justice Institute has been realized through a rigorous process of formalizing and codifying El Puente’s pedagogy and methodology of nurturing leaders for peace and justice. We have trained our own staff leaders as well as practitioners from across NYC and as far away as France and Northern Ireland. We provide training and support in the areas of arts for social change, cultural organizing, community & youth development, environmental advocacy & climate change, and more. We work with groups from schools, community-based organizations, cultural institutions, and foundations.

Cohort 1 Certification Ceremony

Certified GJI trainers participate in 30+ hours of Train-the-Trainer sessions that are focused on leadership development and personal empowerment. They create original curriculum and facilitate major content for at least 10 hours of internal staff trainings and 10 hours of external trainings. They also facilitate Train-the-Trainer sessions for next generation GJI cohort members, teaching back what they learned and further cementing their own learning. 
For training rates and booking information, contact Clara Parker at [email protected] or (718) 387-0404 x. 34